Technology Advisors

Our technology advisors are experts and project managers who work with the high technology genomics platforms that exist within BC’s scientific research infrastructure. These experts help to keep us informed of the latest advances in genomics technologies and advise on the design and execution of experiments.

Colin Ross Ph.D
Assistant Prof, Pediatrics and Medical Genetics, UBC, CIHR New Investigator Scientist, Child and Family Research Institute (CFRI), Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics (CMMT), Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety (CPNDS)
Michael S. Kobor Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Medical Genetics, UBC; Scientist, CMMT, CFRI
Wan Lam Ph.D
Associate Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UBC; Senior Scientist, Cancer Genetics and Developmental Biology, BC Cancer Agency
Stéphane Le Bihan Ph.D
Manager, Microarray Facility
Prostate Centre, Vancouver General Hospital.
Robyn Roscoe BSc, PMP
Projects Team Leader
BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre



Statistics Advisors

Our statistics advisors champion collaborations with independent investigators to address methodological and statistical questions that arise in the application of genomics technologies. Experimental design and statistical analysis of contemporary genomic data present unique problems that lie outside the expertise of most conventional biostatisticians. Our advisors are experts in working with and solving analytical problems associated with these types of data.

Allen Delaney PhD
Staff Scientist
Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
BC Cancer Agency
Raphael Gottardo PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
University of British Columbia
Harry Joe PhD
University of British Columbia
Brad McNeney PhD
Associate Professor
Statistics & Actuarial Science,
Simon Fraser University
Denise Daley PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
University of British Columbia
Jinko Graham PhD
Associate Professor
Statistics and Actuarial Science
Simon Fraser University