Oversight Committee

BCCGN’s oversight committee approves strategic direction and guides the network to achieve its objectives and ensures that it operates with transparency and fiscal and ethical accountability. Its members were drawn from the highest ranks of industry, academia and healthcare.

Joan L. Bottorff PhD, RN, FCAHS
Professor and Chair in Health Promotion and Cancer Prevention, Faculty of Health and Social Development, and Director, Centre of Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, UBC – Okanagan; Affiliate Scientist, BC Cancer Agency.
Judith G. Hall OC, MD, FCAHS
Professor Emerita of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics
UBC & Children’s and Women’s Health Centre of BC
Patrick Lauzon
Prior Manager of Policy, British Columbia
Merck Frosst Canada Ltd


Management Committee

The management committee supports BCCGN by providing guidance on strategic initiatives and important issues and opportunities that may affect the operations of the Network. Members were selected to broadly represent stakeholders and provide complimentary perspectives and expertise.

Carlo Marra PHARM.D., PH.D., FCHSP
Director, Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Scientist
Centre for Health Evaluation of Outcome Sciences
St Paul’s Hospital
  Michael S. Kobor Ph.D
Associate Professor, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia; Scientist, Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics and Scholar, Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, Child & Family Research Institute
Jehannine Austin PhD CGC/CCGC
Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Psychiatry Centre for Complex Disorders and Consultant, Psychiatry, Child & Family Research Institute
Brent Murray Ph.D
Associate Professor, Biology
Ecosystem Science and Management Program
University of Northern British Columbia
Peter Pare MD
Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia;
iCAPTURE Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research
Laura Arbour MD, MSc, FRCPC
Associate Professor,
Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia;
Victoria General Hospital
Marco Marra PhD, FRSC
Genome Sciences Centre
BC Cancer Agency
Professor; UBC
Medical Genetics
Adjunct Professor, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Simon Fraser University
Stuart Turvey MB, BS, DPhil, FRCPC
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia; Division of Infectious and Immunological Diseases, Department of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital and Clinician Scientist, Pediatrics, Child & Family Research Institute
Sylvie Langlois MD, FRCPC, FCCMG
Associate Professor
Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia; Children’s and Women’s Hospital
Brad McNeney Ph.D
Associate Professor
Statistics & Actuarial Science, Simon Fraser University
Brad Popovich MSc, PhD, FACMG
Director, Sirius Genomics Inc
Oksanna Bellas
Director of Finance
Centre for Molecular Medicine & Therapeutics