The British Columbia Clinical Genomics Network (BCCGN) helps clinical investigators in BC gain access to state-of-the-art genomic technologies, expertise and research, to contribute to patient health and improved understanding of disease.

In order to achieve its vision BCCGN:

  • Provides coordinated access to BC’s genomic technology resources.
  • Offers consultation services with methodologists, statisticians and genetic counselors.
  • Advises on collection, security and management of patient data and samples.
  • Provides a bridge for clinicians, molecular geneticists and genomic scientists through conferences, workshops and educational materials.
  • Encourages application of genomic discoveries and their use in healthcare and industry.
  • Educates BC physicians about clinical applications of genomics technologies

BC scientists are leaders in genomics and genetics research. This provides an opportunity for BC clinicians to assume a central role in the application of new genomics technology and expertise within the BC health care system, to benefit their patients. BCCGN aims to create a sustainable province-wide network that coordinates clinical investigators, leading-edge genomic resources and genomic and genetic scientists to identify and exploit genetic factors involved in the development of, protection against, and treatment of disease. BCCGN is supported by a grant from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.