BCCGN is able to support clinical researchers in BC by providing coordinated access to genomics technologies and expertise. We are currently accepting submissions and requests for assistance from interested researchers. If you have an idea for a project and are not sure how to proceed please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

A database of research studies facilitated through the Network, as well as some information on the activities and achievements of researchers affiliated with the BCCGN is coming soon.


This page lists BCCGN members and the research studies they are conducting through the Network with the assistance of our technology and statistics advisors. more


This section highlights information about researchers involved with BCCGN and includes case studies where clinical investigators have successfully solved clinical problems using genomic technologies. more


BCCGN celebrates members of the genomics community who recieve awards and recognition for their endeavors, including BCCGN Award announcements. more

Clinical Databases

BCCGN is gathering information about databases in BC, which have accumulated or are accumulating large patient datasets so we can provide more support services to the research community in BC. more


In order to assist clinical researchers, BCCGN provides forms for submission of research proposals to the Network, as well as templates of patient information and consent forms to use when requesting that patients participate in a research study.more