2011 Physician Education Survey

The British Columbia Clinical Genomics Network is committed to helping medical professionals in BC transition in to the impending era of genomic medicine. Each year, BCCGN conducts a survey in order to keep up-to-date on the educational needs of the medical community.We carried out an extended survey in 2011 to provide us with an insight into the impact of genomics on the practice of BC physicians.

Below are some of our findings.


Genomics is already impacting physicians in BC.

In 2011, 2988 BC physicians were invited to complete an online survey to self-assess their knowledge of genomics, and its impact on clinical practice. In total, 323 (11%) of eligible physicians responded. Out of the respondents, 29% were general practitioners and 71% were specialists. Most physicians rated their knowledge of genomics as low and the importance of genomics as high.

figure2BCCGN figure1BCCGN

In their words

  • “It is something I know very little about but I feel sure that I need to learn about this before my patients do. I need to expand my genetic knowledge as there was very little training about this when I attended medical school.”
    –Physician, Castelgar, BC
  • “I know very little about genomics but plan to practice family medicine for another 15 years so need to be more informed.”
    –Physician, New Westminster, BC


Other Survey Results

Genomic technologies have already impacted clinical practice.

  • 23% reported having used pharmacogenetic testing
  • 31% had referred patients for chromosomal microarray analysis
  • 25% had discussed direct-to-consumer genomic tests with patients



Physicians recognize genomic knowledge to be important but feel their knowledge is low.

Who should be responsible?