Sequencing Platforms

IMG_1067-360x239High-throughput sequencing allows the investigator to generate large volumes of DNA sequence reads quickly at a fraction of previous costs. It can be used to produce sequence data for a wide variety of clinical and research applications.

Currently available devices can generate 40 million or more short DNA sequence reads, corresponding to more than 1 gigabase of sequencing data in each run.




a) Illumina Sequencing Platform
The sequencing capabilities of Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx systems include both single-end sequencing (50 and 75bp read lengths) and pair-end sequencing (50, 75 and 100bp read lengths). Library construction for Illumina sequencing is available for whole genome, transcriptome (RNA-seq), exome, microRNA, and chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), as well as for “bar coding” of samples for multiplex sequencing.

b) Solid Sequencing Platform
The sequencing capabilities of the SOLiDTM System include fragment, mate-pair and paired end approaches, with instrument runs capable of yielding more than 60Gbps of sequence data. Library construction for whole genome sequencing, as well as bar coding for multiplex sequencing are also possible.

c) 3730 Sanger Sequencers
BC’s Genome Sciences Centre has two sequencing platforms, the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx System and the SOLiDTM System from Life Technologies.


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