This section contains educational materials on clinical genomics for physicians and other healthcare practitioners. They were developed by BCCGN to help prepare health professionals to deal with genomics technologies as they come into clinical practice. Click on the links below to watch the lectures

Proceedings of 2013 ConferenceSummary

Clinical Genomics – Welcome and Introduction – Opening Remarks, Dr. Jan Friedman Introduction to ‘omics: Be Thou Not Afraid, Dr. William T. Gibson
The Ethics of Disclosing Incidental Findings, Dr. Peter McKnight Proposing Recommendations for Reporting of Incidental Findings: Where’ s the Evidence?, Shelin Adam
Proposing Recommendations for Reporting of Incidental Findings: Where’ s the Evidence? – Part 2, Anna Lehman MD Genomics of Psychiatric Disorders – Implications for Clinical Practice, Dr. Jehannine Austin
A Biomarker test for Rapid TIA triage, Dr. Andrew Penn INTEGRAL, Kris Robert
Gene Screen BC Movie Implementation of Personalized Medicine: The Indiana Experience, Dr. David Flockhart
Doc – while I am here can you look at my genome? The New Reality of Family Practice, Dr. Martin Dawes Use of Genomics and Pharmacogenomics in Acute Care, Dr. Jim Russell
Bioinformatics Analysis – The Road Block to Clinical Sequencing, Dr. Wyeth Wasserman Closing Remarks and Thanks, Dr David Huntsman
Full Day Event – All Videos


Proceedings of 2012 ConferenceSummary

Using Humor and Storytelling to Help Rewrite Our Genetic Code, Tania Katan Microarrays and Findings of Uncertain Significance, Dr. Christine Tyson
BCCGN and Personalized Medicine – Our Mandate, Our Successes and Our Learnings, Dr. Michael Hayden Is High Throughput Sequencing Ready for the Clinic?, Dr. Anna Lehman
Personal Account of Direct To Consumer (DTC) Testing, Stefan Rolando Clinical Application of Genomics in Cancer, Dr. David Huntsman
5 Things About Genomic Testing Over the Internet that you Need to Know as a Family Physician, Dr. Tanya Nelson Can Sequencing Help Treat Dying Children?, Dr. Jacob Rozmus
Personal account of DTC Testing, Dr. Rosie Redfield Ethnic Diversity and Pharmaco-genomics, Dr. Liam Brunham


Clinical Genomics: What You Need to Know.
Proceedings of February 24th 2012 Vancouver Island Conference

Genomics: Today and Tomorrow’s Medicine Jan Friedman Genetics of Healthy Aging Angie Brooks-Wilson
Riding the TIDE: Innovating the Diagnostic Approach to Treatable Intellectual Disabilities Clara van Karnebeek Diagnostic Dilemmas: Solving Clinical Problems with Chromosomal Microarray Patrick Macleod, Gudrun Aubertin, Michelle Steinraths & Patrice Eydoux
Genomics and Sudden Arrhythmic Death: Is Your Practice Ready? Laura Arbour


Proceedings of 2011 ConferenceSummary

Keynote Address – Life with my sweet son Becket who happens to have an extra chromosome, with Tamara Taggart Advances in Human Genetics – What You Need to Know
Hope or Hype – Pharmacogenomics to Improve the Safe Use of Drugs Genomics in the Digital Era– a Tool Towards Treatment
Healthcare Unwired – Wireless Health Unlocks the Promise of Personalized Medicine Debate Resolution – Physicians Should Determine the Nature and Extent of Whole Genome Testing Results Conveyed to Patients
Genetic and Genomic Testing – for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Personalized Medicine – Value for Money?
Genomic Medicine and the Clinic – Ethical Implications Watch the full day’s events


GenOMICS Today and Tomorrows Medicine
Proceedings of 2010 Conference Summary

Pharmacogenomics – in HIV Personal Story – Child with an Unknown Genetic Disorder
Neurogenomics – in Intellectual Disability Sequencing – technology update and clinical utility
Nutrigenomics – in Common Diseases Direct-to-Consumer Testing – Debate on Pros and Cons
Personalized Medicine – Barriers to Implementation in Clinical Practice Parental Perspectives – Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability
MetagenOMICS – an approach to infectious agent discovery in cancer


The Impact of Genomics in the Clinic
Proceedings of 2009 Conference Summary

High Throughput Genotyping – in Oncology Personalized Medicine – Hope or Hype
High Throughput Sequencing – in Intellectual Disability Epigenetics – Impact on Health and Disease
High Resolution Detection of Copy Number Variation – in Diabetes Genetic Information – Issues in using it in Clinical Practice